A gnomish illusionist of small stature and great intellect


Known skills:

1.) His gnomish wit (This is very important…Gibberwidget will always attempt to outsmart and enemy before using violence.)
2.) Confusion (Gibberwidget is able to cloud an enemies mind, making his see foes in friends and vice versa.
3.) Any manner of illusional conjuration (Conjure an 8 foot phantasmal orc bodyguard to attempt to frighten foes.)
4.) Crappy inventions that MIGHT work. (Gibberwidget is a master of illusion…but every gnome needs a hobby.

Weapon of choice:
1.) Gnomish wit
2.) Illusion Magic
3.) Inventions
4.) A trusty Dagger.


Gibberwidget’s origins lie in the far off burrow of Gnomeville. His beginnings…clumsy at best. Gibberwidget prides himself as a master of illusion and a makeshift inventor…when the need arises. After being thrust into a sudden misadventure to save the entirety of Gnomeville…involving an ogre, a hairy tree troll and an exploding raven…young Gibberwidget became somewhat of a local gnomish legend. Shortly after this he falls victim to wanderlust and decides to see what the wide world has to offer an exploring fortune seeker of such short stature. Over several long years of travel, Gibberwidget seemed to grow into his role, his confidence growing with each new adventure.


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